Thursday, February 15, 2007

Road Trip...for work.

Well, I am close to wrapping up my Montana Tour of Duty. I have been to Great Falls, Billings, Butte, and now I am sitting here in my hotel in beautiful Missoula. I have discovered a whole new world of culinary treats during my week. When I was visited Billings, I went out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I must say that I fell in love instantly with it. I even bought a couple of sauces to take home with me, thanks man. Another fun spot is HuHot. Fan-freaking-tastic. Anyways, now I need to go crash for the night, cause I ate my own weight in Mongolian BBQ. Whywe don't have either one of these fine establishments in the SLC, is really beyond me. Franchise opportunity? Anyone, anyone? Frye...Frye?

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FBA-Geese said...

I love Buffalo Wild Wings and Hu Hot! Come on SLC bring us some love. The S-Double D and J- Double B need it.