Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lowest of the Low

You know, I can't stand to watch the news anymore. I'm done. If I see one more story about a pissed off girlfriend/boyfriend whoever hurting a child to 'get back' or 'prove a point', I'm going to blow my top. Every night, I see a new story about some dipshit who put a kid in the oven or some other crap like that. WTF??!! Anyone, and I mean anyone who would do something like this deserves to be hogtied, horsewhipped and stoned to death. I mean, lets think about it...I'm pissed off, I've been how can I take it out on someone that won't bite me back? You selfish bastards. If life were so damn hard that you are gonna beat a kid or the world a freaking favor and throw yourself into the woodchipper. At least then you could serve a purpose. Since you're a piece of shit anyways, might as well fertilize something. I would love to see these kids grow up and stick your sorry ass in the furnace. Scum of the earth.
"But whoso shall offend one of these little were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." - Matt. 18:6

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Sundays

Well, it is 10:12 PM on Sunday evening...( a time which I believe is the worst time of the week.) I hate Sunday nights when the sports is over...all I have to look forward to is another week @ work. I know that I have about 18,000,000 tasks that I need to tackle tomorrow, and my way of not dealing with it is delaying Monday. I stay up late on Sundays, because the later I stay up, the longer my weekend. What a stupid thought. Come Monday morning, I'm draggin' some serious @$$. This is what I call "The Sundays."

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sundance Film Festival

It is once again time for the Sundance Film Festival. I have to admit, that I think it is an awesome thing. For a little part of the year Park City is transformes into Tinseltown. I actually have been to Sundance...saw a movie premiere and went to an after party. I had a blast. Good times all around. On my way into the office this fine Tuesday morning, I past countless Escalades that were part of a limo service with Sundance stuff all over them going out to the airport...I assume to pick more stars. It got me thinking about some of the discussions I have heard over the years. Every night I see throngs of young teens, young adults freezin' to death walking the streets of P.C. star gazing. The sad thing is, I know a portion of those people dress up, doll-up, fake-up and then head for the mountains to be discovered. I guaran-damn-tee that is the mentality of some of these people. I've seen the signs, I seen the people. You poor people, when was the last time you saw Leeza Gibbons or that strange-duck "Cojo...Kojo????" Who cares talk about an actor who was discovered standing in the snow in Park City with a sign that said, "Hollywood, your search is over." Here's a little taste of reality folks...{Boot To The Head} are wasting your time, and you probably scare the people from Hollywood away with your tactics. You have more of a chance being discovered having your buddies pepper-spray or taser you nearly to death. Just ask Johnny Knoxville and his crew. Much love to Knoxville and the Jackass/CKY all have made being an insomniac an enjoyable thing. Here's hoping for a Jackass 3. Anyways, for those of you thinking about going to Sundance to be the next big thing, put your posterboard and markers down, grab your bus ticket, go to Blockbuster...hell go to Red Box and grab a cheeseburger and fries, select a fine feature film and enjoy...because thats the closest you're gonna get to Hollywood. Seacrest out----->

Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday at the office

On my way into the office this morning, I stopped at my local 7-11 to refuel after a long weekend of watching football and movies. As I filled the 44 oz. cup with tasty tasty Dr. Pepper, I thought about just how much I was not looking forward to today. Friday afternoons are always nice because the work piled on your desk can wait 'til Monday. Well now here it is Monday morning, the temp. outside is about 10 f'ing degrees, and I have resorted to drinking an ice cold beverage (C.B. I'll explain later,) to wake me up/make me happy. So now here I DP is half gone, and the time is slowly ticking away...and the work keeps piling higher. I must agree with that old fat orange cat Garfield in saying I don't do Mondays.

Friday, January 19, 2007

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People @ The Movies

Today was a fine day, work was hectic as usual...all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. That is why we went out with the "Bs" for a fine sushi dinner at Sushi Express and saw Night at the Museum afterwards. After we enjoyed our Mars rolls and extra wasabi/ginger, we bankrupted ourselves with the $4.50 small popcorns and $5.50 Dr. Peppers...good gar. Anyways, what really amazes me is that when the movie starts, a select few in the audience seem to think that once the lights dim in the theater, everyone but them vanishes. Parents, please please please please please keep the children quiet. We listened to a commentary throughout the whole movie about how it was scary/spooky...was the T-Rex real...the monkey is naughty huh momma?! The real kicker here is this. The damn parents would respond in the same loud voice, thus teaching their kids heck with everyone in here trying to enjoy the movie, I am going to take this time to educate my loudly as I possibly can the finer points about special effects and the fact that you are far more important than anyone sitting around you. Now that I have put that gripe to bed, here we go with another rant. Judas Priest people, how many f'ing reminders do we have during the pre-movie slideshow reminding us to turn the damn cell phones off? Hmm...I counted at least 8 times. Yet, sure enough some dumb crap's phone goes off in the middle of the movie...what really kills me i that they seem to think that if they ignore it, it will go away, or that noone else can hear it. Thats right, I can't hear the digitized singing and bells going off behind my right ear. Then, they play the dumb card..."Oh is that my phone going off? Well who the hell else's could it be you jackass...then comes the frantic fidgiting throught the purse that could hold about 3 horses and the dumbass proceeds to answer the call. Congratulations, you are now the official @$$hole of the year. If I had the $ to toss around, I would stand up toss them a ten-spot and tell them to wait to rent it so they can talk all they want without annoying anyone else. I have a dream where movie theater ushers become movie theater law enforcers...wouldn't it be sweet to see the 110 pound 17 yr old run up the isle and crack someone over the head with their maglite for talking on the phone? Vigilante in short, people if you are going to a movie, sit down, shut up and enjoy the flick in happy silence. You dumb bastards!