Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Favorite (blank) in Utah - Sushi

So in taking to a new route to things I talk about on this little blog, I decided that I am going to add a video component to some of my posts. Give it a little more life to it if you will. I have got a couple of things planned for this, and I think it will be a lot of fun not only for me, but for you too (hopefully.)

Well, I was on my way out to grab some dinner this fine Saturday evening when I thought about maybe taking my video camera with me. I always have talked about the place I was going, but now I wanted a way to show peeps what it was.

Ever since I returned home from Japan, I have loved Sushi, and a buddy of mine introduced me to this awesome little place in Sandy, UT called Sushi Express (7824 South and 700 East.) The sushi was the best stuff I had eaten since I had been back from the Land of the Rising Sun. Not only was the sushi top-notch, but the prices were crazy reasonable. I have been frequenting 'The Express' now for a better part of a decade, and I have never strayed from eating there. Sure, there are other sushi establishments in the valley that I love, but this place takes the roll!

If you love sushi, and live in the valley, make sure you try this place, and when you go in, tell them Scott sent you!

Sushi Express on Urbanspoon