Monday, August 18, 2008


So I have been seriously neglecting my blog that I am so proud of and tell everyone about. Then they see that I skipped July altogether. Real nice Scott, real nice.
To be honest, I have to place the blame on Twitter. I bit and couldn't get enough of the thing. I added it to my favorites on my phone, and now I am Tweeting all the freaking time. "Oops, I knocked over a cup of water." Time to Tweet about it. It seriously is addicting, so much so that Tweets look like this:
{Paco_Belle just knocked over a cup of water onto his desk...D'oh}
{Paco_Belle just twittered about spilling water on his desk...Awesome!}
But now, I have come back to basics and wrapped my arms around this little page again. Not too much to say this time other than I need to be better at dropping in now and then. I miss my movie reviews, so that needs to happen. I can't believe I didn't talk about The Dark Knight...again, just shows how lame I am.
Oh, before I leave, this happened to me again...only on a grander scale and a lot more people in line.