Sunday, April 10, 2011

Manage the Mess One App at a Time

We all do it...the exchange of the business card. There is something about that excitement maybe, perhaps it is the fact that someone is essentially giving you a little piece of them saying, "Let's keep in touch."

I like giving and receiving cards, but what I hate is when 90% wind up in a pile on my desk, or in a box on the floor. Sure, I have great intentions about filing them and throwing the contacts into my Outlook contact folders...but I never do, and my excuse? IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME! So what on earth do I do when I need someone's contact info? Tear the mountains of cards down rifle through them.

Then I came across something that is pretty is called WorldCard Mobile, a Smart Phone Application available for both Android & iPhone that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to transfer the info from the business card to your contact lists...well, what the crap does that mean? It means, when take a picture (with this APP) of a business card, it will transfer all the relevant info over (Name, Email, Phone Numbers, Addresses, URLs.)

Pretty cool right? For a chronic procrastinator like myself, this app has already saved me a lot of time and headache in managing the business cards I get. The MSRP of this app is $9.99, but I think you can get it for $5.99. Yes, it still seems a little steep, but for what it does, it isn't a bad deal.

So, if you want to step from the mouth of madness, I would recommend this application. Yes, I actually bought it, and here is the proof -> (Picture).

So I would give WorldCard Mobile 3 1/2 Xanax for any stress/anxiety that piles of business cards might cause, and for doing exactly what it tells you it does.