Thursday, February 15, 2007

Road Trip...for work.

Well, I am close to wrapping up my Montana Tour of Duty. I have been to Great Falls, Billings, Butte, and now I am sitting here in my hotel in beautiful Missoula. I have discovered a whole new world of culinary treats during my week. When I was visited Billings, I went out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I must say that I fell in love instantly with it. I even bought a couple of sauces to take home with me, thanks man. Another fun spot is HuHot. Fan-freaking-tastic. Anyways, now I need to go crash for the night, cause I ate my own weight in Mongolian BBQ. Whywe don't have either one of these fine establishments in the SLC, is really beyond me. Franchise opportunity? Anyone, anyone? Frye...Frye?

Friday, February 9, 2007


I used to work with a guy who had the most unique system I have ever seen. It wouldn't matter where we would all go to lunch, the guy would pop pill after pill to keep his body regular. Not "REGULAR," but normal. More times than not, he would make a b-line to the bathroom as soon as we got back to the office. He would even share a recurring nightmare he would have with us, his fellow workers about how he would be at home and two guys in labcoats would show up on his doorstep with coolers and request his organs. His little disorder was henceforth known as Full Organ Rejection. Finally a name given to a disorder that many people have been afflicted with. I.B.S.?? Child's Play! Diarrhea?? Please! Screaming Shits? Not even close. F.O.R. Baby! Full Organ Rejection! Now that I have wasted 5 minutes, I bit you adieu...for now.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


<------Ever felt like this? When work gets to be so bad that you begin to get sick every night just thinking about all the crap that needs to get done the next day. Depression sets in during the commute, and you do everything you can to keep your eyes open because you were up all night worrying about your piles of papers you need to get to. It almost doesn't seem worth it...the insomnia, sick stomach, constant migraine headache...the hours of unpaid overtime you spend at the office while your family slowly forgets what you look like because you are at work all the time. I spend 2x more time with my coworkers than I do with my wife and son...and thats sucks ass.

Friday, February 2, 2007

I Might As Well Take Up Smoking

Over the past few months, a dirty disease has crept over my beloved SLC-Town. Every Winter, our valley becomes a bowl of sickening pea soup. Every morning, the weatherperson talks about just how damn bad the air is in SLC. No wonder so many people and kids are coming down with respiratory problems. Look at this there any doubt what could be causing it? I have to walk up and down six levels of stairs in the morning and evening to get to my car, and you can almost taste the crap that is in the air. Ever sucked on a muffler?