Friday, February 9, 2007


I used to work with a guy who had the most unique system I have ever seen. It wouldn't matter where we would all go to lunch, the guy would pop pill after pill to keep his body regular. Not "REGULAR," but normal. More times than not, he would make a b-line to the bathroom as soon as we got back to the office. He would even share a recurring nightmare he would have with us, his fellow workers about how he would be at home and two guys in labcoats would show up on his doorstep with coolers and request his organs. His little disorder was henceforth known as Full Organ Rejection. Finally a name given to a disorder that many people have been afflicted with. I.B.S.?? Child's Play! Diarrhea?? Please! Screaming Shits? Not even close. F.O.R. Baby! Full Organ Rejection! Now that I have wasted 5 minutes, I bit you adieu...for now.

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