Saturday, March 24, 2007

Havasupai...Four Years Ago

It was nearly four years ago that all my cousins (well, most of them) and I made the uber-long drive down to Havasupai, AZ. The drive down was really long, but ERK made it go by a lot faster with his anecdotes and super smart math skills. The 10 mile hike was hot, dry and tiresome, but dang when you hit that water, it was all worth it. The water was as crystle clear as Hawaii or The Bahamas. The where four main sets of waterfall...Navajo, Havasu, Mooney and Beaver. This picture was a snap of me just about to jump. When I launched, it was a little higher than I thought, and let a choice word or two echo throughout the canyons. That was a good time. I'd love to go do it again...sometime. Ok, enough nostalgia for the evening.

Monday, March 19, 2007


So I went and saw this 300 movie to see what all the talk was about. (Sidenote: I love the previews, almost as fun as seeing the actual movies...) First of all, I have to comment on the cinematography. Absolutely breathtaking. If Gladiator and Sin City were to have a child, it would be 300. During the 2.5 hours, I could barely keep my jaw off of the floor. The acting, music, storyline were all so good, I couldn't believe it had taken me so long to finally go see it. The battle scenes were absolutely unreal. Anyways, great family flick...ok maybe not family.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Power of a C.B.

Many years ago, I served my mission in Japan. Having always been a fan and supporter of the soda industry, I took pride in my taste of the finer beverages in life, (Dr. Pepper, Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, Mountain get the idea.) It was until 1996 however, when a whole new world of soda choices opened before me. I think the Japanese people like soda just as much, if not more than Americans. (They just don't drink 108 oz. at a time.) The two years I spent in Japan were awesome for so many reasons, and one of those was the endless line of beverages I could enjoy. Sometimes I tell myself that I would give up Coke for a Mitsuya White Cider, or give up my Diet Pepsi for a BYG (Cola, Grape or the deadly Melon.) The power that a Cold Beverage has over me is rather disturbing. It seems that I always need something near my hand to doesn't even matter what it is. It has to be cold, carbonated and crisp...there you go, the three "C"s to a good C.B.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


So it is no secret that I love music that not many people know about, or considered "Mainstream." Case in point, I've popped into a couple of MySpace groups and I received an invitation to check out this group called Creature Feature. Looking over it and seeing what the actual CD looks like (old school record,) I immediately fell in love. I just had to have a copy. Just another testimony that the best music out there isn't the pre-packaged crap we here so much of on the radio. It had been almost a year now since I last listened to the radio in my car...I prefer silence to the crap that a DJ/station manager wants you to listen to. Half the time, the best songs are the ones they don't play. Screw that crap. Halleluiah for awesome bands like Creature Feature.