Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Know It Is Time...

So my dear wife had a craving for a fresh fruit smoothie. We have all the ingredients needed, so I thought, "Why Not? It sounds good...let's do it."

One thing...

Our blender is the one we got on our wedding day, and has seen many, many needless to say it is kinda old and loud...ok, really loud.

All the ingredients had been added, and I was ready to go when my wife said that we better not do it in the house because the children are deathly afraid of it, and it wouldn't be a pretty picture should it be the blender that woke them up.

So out I marched to the 32 degree weather carrying a frozen blend of milk and fruit. Pretty sure I woke the dead with my blending, but I think I'd rather face zombies than a screaming child! After all, I did recently see Zombieland, and I have taken the 32 Rules of Staying Alive to Heart.
To educate yourself on the 32 Rules, I recommend you go here:

So to wrap it all up, You Know It Is Time to replace your blender when you have to go out to the garage to blend something.

That is all. I love you all, you are all my children... :)