Friday, October 31, 2008

The Wagon is Coming

Well, the World Series is behind us, and I have to hand it to the Philadelphia Phillies.  Way to represent for the NL guys! Way to go.  

As a sports fan living in Utah, I have noticed a trend of sorts that always follows the end of any sports season. If any sports fan in Utah reads this, you might know exactly where I am going with this post.  

This is my Guarantee.  Within the next week, you will see more Phillies gear around the town than you have ever seen before.  Where 2 ~ 5% will be legit fans, the rest are those whose closets are full of Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, New York Giants crap.  I have seen more Kevin Garnett jerseys lately...uggh it makes me mad.  I guarantee you could go up to these so-called Boston Celtics fans and ask them who wore #33 or #00 or #32 for the Celtics, and they wouldn't have a clue.  

So beware Salt Lake City, a storm is the form of the bandwagon.  Don't worry, this too shall a couple months when my Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl. LOL.