Monday, September 24, 2007

Leave Nothing Behind

I absolutely love the new Nike Football Commercials...I get goosebumps everytime I see them on the TV.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Catching Up

Well, where should I start? I recently underwent the longest road/business trip of my life. I flew into Philly last Sunday and flew back into Salt Lake the following Monday night. I was there with Jared Fogle (The Subway Guy) for work kicking-off the Subway FRESH START: Eat & Exercise Smart Campaign for Elementary School kids across the great state of Pennsylvania. Philly is a pretty cool place, and I have to say that I fell in love with it. I stayed in the Inn at Penn Hotel, which was unreal...I even bumped into Governor Huntsman and Mrs. Huntsman. Philly is a pretty cool place, and the people that I had the pleasure to work with were really cool. We were in Philly for a couple of days and then Jared went to Harrisburg/York/Lancaster to launch the same program. I made a quick stop in York to catch the first 3 innings of the York Revolution baseball game. It started to get late, and I still had a two hour drive into Johnstown. It was all good, seeing as I had some wicked tunes to keep me going. I discovered this band that any Jackass/Viva La Bam fan would know...cKy...they are unreal. I bought a couple of their albums, and if you haven't listened to them, I highly recommend their music. Anyways, a couple days later, Jared came to State College where we got ready to kick off one crazy-ass weekends. Jared was partof the pep-rally Friday night, and was that a wild ride. Coach Paterno came out and got the crowd really riled for the game the next day.

That night we would pass out about 100 4" sandwiches to crazy-ass kids camping at a makeshift campground known as "Paternoville" waiting to get into the game. We had Subway's NASCAR there andwe fired it up and had Jared lead the crowd in a bunch of cheers. (I have to say that was pretty wicked.) Saturday was crazy in that we had Jared all over the news for interviews. I even had the chance to meet Franco Harris of Penn State/Pittsburgh Steelers Fame.

The ultimate rush came about an hour before the game actually started. We were ushered in Beaver Stadium and led out onto the field...(all I can say is wow.) It was pretty awesome being down on the field for all the pre-game drills and exercises. Watching that stadium fill to the 110,078 that was announced was so surreal. I even had to get a picture of myself, Jared and Burbs on the field see top picture...I found that picture on someone's blog. I have never been a huge Notre Dame fan or a Nittany Lions fan for that matter, but being a part of the whole game-day weekend, and actually standing 2 feet away from JoePa, made me an instant fan. Being in State College during that weekend was an unbelieveably awesome experience.

After the Lions kicked the living piss out of the Irish, we hit the night scene in State College, and I have to say, hanging out with Jared made me feel like I was in an episode of Entourage. The guy can go anywhere, get into any club, and VIP area...and I got to be right there for it all. Needless to say I didn't go to bed until about 4:00 am Sunday morning. I wrote about my Sunday in the previous post...Halloween still haunts me.

Monday was crazy in that we visited three schools in launching that program. The best part was that I got a Subway sandwich made for me in Johnstown, and I had to put it in the car for my drive to Altoona (about an hour away.) We got to the school there and my sandwich (which had the Pennsylvania-only sweet peppers in it (mmmm, sweet peppers) just baked in my car.) After about an hour in Altoona, we drove on up to State College. The car started to smell a little like roast beef, and my sandwich had morphed into about the most haggard abomination known to mankind...(See picture to the right.)

Oh well, I miss the sweet peppers and the Buffalo Chicken sandwiches (holla JBB) that I enjoyed in the great PA. It was a marathon trip that I am still reeling from. I am still so tired and beaten up from the 1,200 miles I logged on my Mazda6 I rented. But all in all, a pretty sweet @$$ business trip.

Well children, I'm tired and the screen is f'in with my eyes...I'm off to bed.

We Are...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Movie Review #3

I just have to drop in and throw down another movie review. I was on a business trip to Pennsylvania last week, and was running non-stop. Then it happened...a couple of hours were free, and I hit the movie theatres in Richfield, PA with none other than my buddy Jared know the Subway Guy. During the days leading up to Sunday, all we could talk about was the new Halloween and how badly we both wanted to see it. So we did our work and then headed to the theater.

The show opened up with a little more background into how seriously "F'd" up Michael Myers was as a kid. The kid they got to play him did a fantastic job at acting like a freaking psycho. The movie was uber-uber gory and violent, and let us not forget the countless "F-Bombs" flying in left and right.

Rob Zombie actually came through in this remake of an all-time classic. The whole move was so damn creepy and suspenseful, I was sitting back in my seat destroying my fingernails. Oe scene even made Jared jump out of his seat. Fans of Rob Zombie films will enjoy the cast that Zombie has brought on. Almost the entire cast of House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects return to play...ready for this? Law enforcement agents. How freaking ironic and perfect! Some of the violence was pretty over-the-top...really over-the-top actually, but damn it made for good gruesome fun. Also, as always with Zombie's films, the soundtrack is killer...literally, it will melt your brain. Another good thing about this film is that he does a great job of taking the stories from the other 23 million Halloweens that were made and compiling them into one sweet film. I did feel that the movie went by too quickly tho- Oh well, t'sall good. Mrs. Zombie (Sherri does a remarkable job as Mrs. Myers...seriously, she is an awesome actress. Kudos to Rob for showing his wife a little love. All in all, I liked the movie, and would go see it again. I'll probably catch it again on DVD so to see all the extras and commentaries. So now the moment we all have waited for... I have to give Rob Zombie's Halloween, two and a half balls + a Jamie Lee Curtis hanger to the eyeball.