Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Apology to my Wife or "Cold Soup"

So a year or so ago, I heard about this iPhone application called Foursquare where you could use your mobile device and "check-in" to places. If you were lucky enough, you could even earn Foursquare Badges...pretty exciting I know.

However, as Foursquare opened up in more cities, you could start to see the application behind it. Businesses were using it to engage their loyal fans/customers/patrons in a whole new way...through their mobile devices by offering "Specials." This is pretty exciting and cool.

So needless to say, I jumped onto Foursquare because it was the "New Shiny" and I wanted to be a part of something...and that is where it all started.

Since jumping onto Foursquare, I have adopted other geolocation applications like Gowalla, Whrrl...Yelp...etc. etc. etc. - I wanted to check each of these to see what each of them brings to the table and really wanted to see how businesses were using each. Maybe I could get some ideas...

ANYWAYS, I think my poor wife has exercised as much patience with me as she possibly can...I mean it is like when we go through the drive-thru, I'll grab the food and go pull into a stall so I can check-in. (In reading that, I realize how sad it is.) Or when we go out on a date...I'll put my phone on the table and check-in, leave a tip, see who else might be get the idea, only to look up and see her giving me "That Look," the "Put that @#%& thing away right now."
Even when I'm out with a buddy, he'll have half his burger or sushi thrown down before I can leave a tip on Yelp. Sadly, after all the checking-in, I have even noticed that my food has gotten cold. (Uggh, this is really sad...rethinking publishing this post now.)

If you really know me, you can testify that I have my phone on me 24/7 and that I am always on, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare...text has really started to drive people nuts how my iPhone has morphed into another falange. Maybe I do need to give it a rest...or at least calm the freak down.

So sorry Jen...sorry it seems like I am out on a date with my phone and you sometimes seem to be the 3rd Wheel...I'll be better, I promise.

So my resolution is this...wait a second, my phone just beeped...


Nicole said...

I've just started excusing myself to the restroom when I'm at a place where I want to check in, but I know it will annoy the people I'm with.

I'm getting a little burned out on Foursquare myself...I am just trying to do it creatively for badges now. But I'm just picking up Yelp...and I think there's a lot of benefit in that app. I'll check in when I get there, snap a few pics during my meal, then write the review when I won't be ridiculed for being surgically attached to my iPhone.

KET said...

I know how Jen feels. Alicen is always facebooking, texting or something to do with on her phone when we go out of dates or to dinner. I just figure its part of her now too. At least I have come to terms with it. Maybe Jen will too.

thekruser said...

I loved your article! Thanks for mentioning mine!!

I can't tell you the number of times my wife has given me "the look" as I check in at dinner...or the mall...or the gas station...or my friend's house (yeah, I know -- I am a bit of an addict). Been there, man!!

Sh Usman said...
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