Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Magic of Sports

So...this past weekend, I was out shopping at Costco, and I was wearing my Green Bay Packers hat. As I was sitting my daughter in the cart, I looked up and saw this guy staring at me...I thought it was a little weird right?! But then I saw what it was...he was wearing a Green Bay Packers hat as well. Then the magic happened...there was a split second we gave each other a little smile and a understanding nod.

Now I didn't know this guy, I had never seen him before in my life, but for that moment, we were friends...two strangers connected by one thing...Sports.

In thinking about this post, I remember all the times where I will be out in public (wearing a hat with a team logo,) and the people I really notice are those who might be wearing something with the same logo on it. There are even times when I'll be wearing my U of U hat, and someone will walk by and whisper "Go Utes!" It is awesome, and for you sports fans out there, you know what I am talking about.

I can't speak for other sports fans, but if I dissect my mind, I love showing off my favorite sports teams, and by wearing it, I feel like I am an extension to the team...then, when I see others wearing the same colors, logos, whatever...I see a "teammate."

I firmly believe there is a kind of magic when it comes to sports...and with that, I want to share one of my favorite videos. I can't watch this without getting the chills...this is the magic that I am talking about -> Sports Magic

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