Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So earlier this evening I was filling a prescription at the local drug store...nothing too exciting except they had one window open and three of us in line with one gentleman at the window.

"No biggie!"


Well, this guy at the counter is going on and on about how he needs to do this and needs this and the poor pharmacist calmly answers that "Sir that prescription has already been filled today, that paper you have right there is a photo copy...I'm sorry sir, I cannot do a complete fill on this particular one right now...sir, that is a photocopy, and it has been filled and is in our records."

- 5 minutes pass, and now four people in line -

I ask the guy in front of me, "Hey man, how long've you been here?" To which he replies "10 minutes...{sigh}"

This guy at the window is ranting that he needs something else blah blah blah blah blah blah...I've stopped trying to listen and looking to see if another pharmacist is working." Another window opens up and

- 4.5 minutes later the two people in front of me have picked up their prescriptions and are out the door. "Hello how can I help you?"

I'm told my wait will be approximately 10~15 minutes...guy still at window complaining about something (the poor pharmacist keeps smiling and searches on here computer..."I'm sorry sir, that prescription has been filled already, and I can't give you more."

- 12 minutes go by "Scott, you're ready" -

I pick up my prescription and walk out to leave looking down at my phone.

- 30 + minutes, this poor pharmacist kept it together with one of the most obnoxious customers I have ever seen. I watched 11 people come and go all the while this bozo whined and cried about trying to fill a prescription twice.

I stopped to look at their beverages on my way out, and saw the guy step aside, and I wanted to go compliment the gal on the way she handled things...but I thought she was probably sick of talking and needed a break. :)

I'll stop in again soon and thank her for keeping her head.


~j. said...

Bravo! She'll really appreciate that.

JoshB. said...

Pretty sure that guy is still pissing and moaning Duel! People are unreal. At least when I whine I keep it to myself, like a gentleman thank you!