Saturday, March 24, 2007

Havasupai...Four Years Ago

It was nearly four years ago that all my cousins (well, most of them) and I made the uber-long drive down to Havasupai, AZ. The drive down was really long, but ERK made it go by a lot faster with his anecdotes and super smart math skills. The 10 mile hike was hot, dry and tiresome, but dang when you hit that water, it was all worth it. The water was as crystle clear as Hawaii or The Bahamas. The where four main sets of waterfall...Navajo, Havasu, Mooney and Beaver. This picture was a snap of me just about to jump. When I launched, it was a little higher than I thought, and let a choice word or two echo throughout the canyons. That was a good time. I'd love to go do it again...sometime. Ok, enough nostalgia for the evening.

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FBA-Geese said...

I went to Havasu when I was a teenager Duel--That place flat out rules! I'm all for going back when you are bro. Mooney Falls I remember being my favorite. I also met a native named Square Man.