Friday, January 19, 2007

People @ The Movies

Today was a fine day, work was hectic as usual...all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. That is why we went out with the "Bs" for a fine sushi dinner at Sushi Express and saw Night at the Museum afterwards. After we enjoyed our Mars rolls and extra wasabi/ginger, we bankrupted ourselves with the $4.50 small popcorns and $5.50 Dr. Peppers...good gar. Anyways, what really amazes me is that when the movie starts, a select few in the audience seem to think that once the lights dim in the theater, everyone but them vanishes. Parents, please please please please please keep the children quiet. We listened to a commentary throughout the whole movie about how it was scary/spooky...was the T-Rex real...the monkey is naughty huh momma?! The real kicker here is this. The damn parents would respond in the same loud voice, thus teaching their kids heck with everyone in here trying to enjoy the movie, I am going to take this time to educate my loudly as I possibly can the finer points about special effects and the fact that you are far more important than anyone sitting around you. Now that I have put that gripe to bed, here we go with another rant. Judas Priest people, how many f'ing reminders do we have during the pre-movie slideshow reminding us to turn the damn cell phones off? Hmm...I counted at least 8 times. Yet, sure enough some dumb crap's phone goes off in the middle of the movie...what really kills me i that they seem to think that if they ignore it, it will go away, or that noone else can hear it. Thats right, I can't hear the digitized singing and bells going off behind my right ear. Then, they play the dumb card..."Oh is that my phone going off? Well who the hell else's could it be you jackass...then comes the frantic fidgiting throught the purse that could hold about 3 horses and the dumbass proceeds to answer the call. Congratulations, you are now the official @$$hole of the year. If I had the $ to toss around, I would stand up toss them a ten-spot and tell them to wait to rent it so they can talk all they want without annoying anyone else. I have a dream where movie theater ushers become movie theater law enforcers...wouldn't it be sweet to see the 110 pound 17 yr old run up the isle and crack someone over the head with their maglite for talking on the phone? Vigilante in short, people if you are going to a movie, sit down, shut up and enjoy the flick in happy silence. You dumb bastards!

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FBA-Geese said...

A-Freakin' Men Duel! I think I was at this theater? Matter of fact the dumbass with the phone was right behind me. Unfortuatnly I was too quiet when I said just go ahead and let that ring. Morons. But hey the Las Vegas roll was the best sushi I've had! Rock and Roll Duel!