Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday at the office

On my way into the office this morning, I stopped at my local 7-11 to refuel after a long weekend of watching football and movies. As I filled the 44 oz. cup with tasty tasty Dr. Pepper, I thought about just how much I was not looking forward to today. Friday afternoons are always nice because the work piled on your desk can wait 'til Monday. Well now here it is Monday morning, the temp. outside is about 10 f'ing degrees, and I have resorted to drinking an ice cold beverage (C.B. I'll explain later,) to wake me up/make me happy. So now here I DP is half gone, and the time is slowly ticking away...and the work keeps piling higher. I must agree with that old fat orange cat Garfield in saying I don't do Mondays.

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FBA-Geese said...

I'm with you Duel--Matter of fact Monday through Friday at 3 suck. Viva la Saturday! Go Jazz