Monday, June 30, 2008

When it hits...

So I was out driving tonight, listening to Coldplay's new album, when this suped-up sportsmachine pulled up next to me. The music was blaring, the guy was rockin' and the engine was rarin' to show me what it was made of. No sooner had the light turned green, than the guy was 100 yards up the street. "Jeez, that guy is in a hurry to get somewhere."

Another red light slowed his progress to heaven knows where he was off to. {GREEN} Once again, bat straight outta hell tearing up the street. The maroon jet on wheels was weaving in and out of traffic, with no regard for the 35 MPH speed limit at all. The awesome thing about this was, I was goin' the speed need to hurry, and yet this guy wasn't that far ahead of me.

Hey, he is turning the same place I am...I wonder. The guy damn-near took the turn on two wheels, and then a quick/sharp right. Nah, could he be? Did the store have a sale that I was unaware of that caused people to race to it? Then I saw where he was going, and I started to laugh. He tore through that parking lot going at least 30, and I thought, "Well, I know what that feels like. Sometimes you just can't wait to sink your teeth into that wicked-awesome Big Mac."

When that feeling strikes, get the hell out of the way!