Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh Hell No!

So I jumped on the old internet this evening to check my email, MySpace, Facebook and YouTube and a few other selected sites before I dove into cleaning the dishes. So I enjoyed watching the Jazz kick the living piss out of the "Pesky Timberwolves" last night and show that it was a fluke that Minnesota beat them a week ago. So I thought surely the NBA should have a couple highlights from the game on their daily Top 10...but then I realized that we are living in the age of Lebron...good grief. I am not taking anything away from the guy, he a talent and then some, but do the networks have to show every little thing he does? I swear I saw it on Sportscenter where they had highlights of Lebron tying his shoes...all I have to say is WTF is up with that? Wow, I know I threw a WTF in there, but I have a lot of venom right now that I need to spew.

Breaking News!!! Tonights Number 1 play of the day, Lebron is introduced in the starting lineup! or...Lebron James attempts a bluedart driving to the hoop...I say huh?! C'mon, show me something else besides Lebron abusing some poor sap who makes it on Sportscenter only when he guards Lebron...{click} New Poster, hey sweet, right up there on the wall with my 1 billion other Lebron posters. Can't I get a Mark Madsen poster anywhere? C'mon people, he at least has thechampionship hardware, and can we forget his wicked dance moves at the Laker (ugh) rally parade? White men can jump, but no dancy for Mr. Madsen.

So anyways, I'm watching the top 10 plays, and all of a sudden a Hardee's ad pops up, on the actual video!!!!! Yet again...WTF??!??!?? Since when are my YouTube vids inundated with ads? Is nothin sacred anymore?

Damn The Man!


JoshB. said...

I could go for a Hardees right now. This just in . . . LeBron took a monster dump . . . film at 11! How about the Jazz never getting a lick of respect, whipping the Suns and Mavs, and Nuggets tonight! Whatever bitches, keep sleeping on our boys. Jazz will make some noise in the post-season, I feel it in my bones!! Also, great news on Fear!! Can't wait to come home for the summer. Peace dawg!

Starrlight said...

Let us not speak of Hamburgers. I was in Salt Lake for Gramp's funeral and totally spaced the fact that EVERYTHING FRICKIN CLOSES on Sundays. Including my beloved Crown burger =(

Scott Duehlmeier said...

Ya, I saw that about your Grandpa's passing. Sorry to hear that. My wife's granddad just passed as well. Ya, welcome to my hell, not only is it closed on Sundays, but they usually close early on weekdays too! C'mon, I need to feed the beast. Next time your down in the lovely SLC, let me know, I'll buy you a Crown Combo!

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