Sunday, April 10, 2011

Manage the Mess One App at a Time

We all do it...the exchange of the business card. There is something about that excitement maybe, perhaps it is the fact that someone is essentially giving you a little piece of them saying, "Let's keep in touch."

I like giving and receiving cards, but what I hate is when 90% wind up in a pile on my desk, or in a box on the floor. Sure, I have great intentions about filing them and throwing the contacts into my Outlook contact folders...but I never do, and my excuse? IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME! So what on earth do I do when I need someone's contact info? Tear the mountains of cards down rifle through them.

Then I came across something that is pretty is called WorldCard Mobile, a Smart Phone Application available for both Android & iPhone that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to transfer the info from the business card to your contact lists...well, what the crap does that mean? It means, when take a picture (with this APP) of a business card, it will transfer all the relevant info over (Name, Email, Phone Numbers, Addresses, URLs.)

Pretty cool right? For a chronic procrastinator like myself, this app has already saved me a lot of time and headache in managing the business cards I get. The MSRP of this app is $9.99, but I think you can get it for $5.99. Yes, it still seems a little steep, but for what it does, it isn't a bad deal.

So, if you want to step from the mouth of madness, I would recommend this application. Yes, I actually bought it, and here is the proof -> (Picture).

So I would give WorldCard Mobile 3 1/2 Xanax for any stress/anxiety that piles of business cards might cause, and for doing exactly what it tells you it does.


Unstoppable Lindsey said...

I think I need to upgrade! I still have a flip phone....sheesh!

Becky at VintageMixer said...

Hey there, you just won some Creminelli meats from my blog! Send me your address to beckyros at gmail. congrats!

Sara said...

Paco! This is Sara of HH&DDP... Your timing is impeccable.

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