Monday, October 29, 2007

Return to Hellview

Well, here I a once again sitting at my home office desk writing a press release that has been a curse of mine for about 5 days. I finally get a chance to work on it, and it is due tomorrow morning. Unreal how it is for the same client as I was working on in an earlier post...imagine that! Well, I would have worked on it earlier tonight, but the Monday Night Football game was too good to pass up. Brett Favre...kudos to you. The I had to do a little video project which had me go to my parents' house to film some video for a church project. So there is my video camera downloading video to the computer, my press release up on the screen waiting to be finished, a tall glass of Diet Dr. Pepper, the camera case, a couple choice CDs for my listening pleasure and my notebook with all my awesome notes. I hate myself for doing this once again. Wow, here it is 12:41 am and it is only Tuesday morning. It is going to be a long week boys. Damn it!