Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Movie Review #3

I just have to drop in and throw down another movie review. I was on a business trip to Pennsylvania last week, and was running non-stop. Then it happened...a couple of hours were free, and I hit the movie theatres in Richfield, PA with none other than my buddy Jared know the Subway Guy. During the days leading up to Sunday, all we could talk about was the new Halloween and how badly we both wanted to see it. So we did our work and then headed to the theater.

The show opened up with a little more background into how seriously "F'd" up Michael Myers was as a kid. The kid they got to play him did a fantastic job at acting like a freaking psycho. The movie was uber-uber gory and violent, and let us not forget the countless "F-Bombs" flying in left and right.

Rob Zombie actually came through in this remake of an all-time classic. The whole move was so damn creepy and suspenseful, I was sitting back in my seat destroying my fingernails. Oe scene even made Jared jump out of his seat. Fans of Rob Zombie films will enjoy the cast that Zombie has brought on. Almost the entire cast of House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects return to play...ready for this? Law enforcement agents. How freaking ironic and perfect! Some of the violence was pretty over-the-top...really over-the-top actually, but damn it made for good gruesome fun. Also, as always with Zombie's films, the soundtrack is killer...literally, it will melt your brain. Another good thing about this film is that he does a great job of taking the stories from the other 23 million Halloweens that were made and compiling them into one sweet film. I did feel that the movie went by too quickly tho- Oh well, t'sall good. Mrs. Zombie (Sherri does a remarkable job as Mrs. Myers...seriously, she is an awesome actress. Kudos to Rob for showing his wife a little love. All in all, I liked the movie, and would go see it again. I'll probably catch it again on DVD so to see all the extras and commentaries. So now the moment we all have waited for... I have to give Rob Zombie's Halloween, two and a half balls + a Jamie Lee Curtis hanger to the eyeball.


JoshB. said...

Great to see you back in the movie reviewing game my friend. Who knew that Jared from Subway was a horror buff? All be. Too bad old Dave Salazer couldn't partake, he would have like that. Word Brotha!

Paco Belle said...

I saved a seat just for Dave Salazar...he was there in spirit.